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Discovering Books: Shakespeare – Renaissance

Modernism and Postmodernism in Shakespeare’s Othello Essay Othello teaches all of us much about our current postmodern tradition. The perform connects to our ideas of sexism, male-bonding, racism and capitalism. William shakespeare uses these universal and timeless imperfections in humanity along with this use of vocabulary and truth to tell his adventure. Iago, over a […]

Collection, Frottage, Grattage – Max Ernst’s Creative Techniques

Feline in the Rainwater the second loving country on the planet after Portugal (well within my opinion). Rain is pouring and the partner sees a cat in the rainfall and desires to protect it from the rain, which is unusual because generally children are the main one sensitive and nae enough to want to protect […]

The Crucible

The Destruction Of Salem By Arthur Miller Armania Heckenmueller Mrs. Hagerty H English II 2EF 11/23/15 The Destruction of Salem Through Greed and Vengeance in The Crucible During the time The Crucible was set, the city of Salem was wrong. It would not have the solid characteristics of what a healthier town should certainly look […]