Sustainability Ass2 Essay

P4 –

Explain just how four essential methods (legislation, control, design and style and standards, management) are accustomed to protect the environment from the impact of the building and constructed environment sector. The most relevant pieces of environmental legislation ought to be identified and which statutory bodies monitor police and enforce the legislation. An outline and cases for design, specification and management must be given.

Legislation & (what they will cover)

Environmental protection action 1990

This kind of act covers various sectors in accordance with polluting of the environment and atmosphere control by local authorities

Area and country planning take action

Wildlife and countryside preparing act


DEFRA (department for environment, food and rural affairs); defra can be described as ministerial uk government leave that is maintained 36 firms and general public bodies, this department is liable for the plans and rules that respect the environment, meals and non-urban issues. DEFRA are responsible intended for the rules and procedures on: 1) natural environment, biodiversity, plants and animals

2) green economic system and the lasting development

3) food farming and fisheries

4) creature health and wellbeing

5) protection on the environment and pollution control

6) non-urban communities and issues.

7) protecting creature welfare

these restrictions are used to control the environment, air pollution control plus the rest which have been listed above.


this is a great organisation which usually exists to market and shield england's many historic area's and the environment to ensure that yesteryear is searched historically which its fully understood.

Environment agency

this company regulates the major disposal in industry and waste, remedying of contaminated property, the water quality and assets, conservation and ecology and fisheries.

Np regulators

AONB(areas of outstanding all-natural beauty) are designated within the National Theme parks and Usage of the Country Act 1949. the purpose of this...


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