Dominos Dissertation


Assignment 1

Suppose Mr. Sudesh is managing a small sweetmeat shop. He makes all the purchases from a delivery truck on cash basis and sells those items to his customers only on funds, i. electronic. no credit rating is permitted to the customer. Considering that the shop can be described as small business, it is just a one-man demonstrate and Mr. Sudesh will not file any kind of income tax returning. Recently, this individual has started free of charge home delivery on bulk order of at least Rs. 5000. In that case too he allows the down payment on delivery.

Prepare a Conceptual design intended for developing & Designing the MIS intended for the front office of Mister Sudesh.

Group Project 1

Select a (any) business of your choice and explain their MIS create. You should evidently through lumination on how MIS is prolifically involved in managing the business of the selected organization, where decisions must be manufactured in the areas of: (a) Strategic planning

(b) Managerial control

(c) Detailed control

Group Assignment 2(Presentation)

Prepare a presentation, in MS PowerPoint, on the previously mentioned Group Task 1 . Delivering presentations can be manufactured in group of five students. Grouping, in every single section, shall be in order of roll amounts of attendance bed sheet i. at the., Group one shall have learners from move no 1, 2, a few, 4, 5; Group Two shall possess students from roll zero 6, six, 8, on the lookout for, 10; and so forth. If any student is usually absent or perhaps not credit reporting in the course, than the group may have less no of associates.


Assignment 1 should be hand crafted, with a conceptual design/ diagram and should not have more than a thousand word. Assignments/Presentations shall be posted to CR by TUESDAY i. e., on or perhaps before Mar 12, 2013.

For Group Assignment one particular, You have to prepare a soft file (in MsWord/Latex/PDF) of not less than 2000 words and phrases on the given subject depending on Indian Circumstance. It should be very well supported with diagrams and references of books, websites or some other sources referred to prepare the project. The assignment should cover the presented topic in...


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