Casava Chalk Essay




Pacatang, Fredeve John L.

Sarong, Donna Richel M.

Macasio, Danielle Faye Z.


BOUGAINVILLEA (Bougainvillea


CASSAVA (Manihot esculenta



A Research proposal presented to Bernadette

N. Cortez

Kidapawan City Nationwide High School

Kidapawan City

Chapter I



Background of the Study

Coloured Chalks are generally used by

teachers, students, designers, and others. This

study endeavors on the other uses of Cassava

peelings since chalk. Through this connection, the

proponents with this study produce the idea of

combining different Bougainvillea Petal

decoction with Cassava peeling starch to

develop colored chalk.

Bougainvillea flower belongs to the empire

of Plantae. Its bouquets have many shades: purple,

orange colored, red, and many others. It is genus

flowering plant life native to South America via

Brazil west to Peru and south to The southern area of

Argentina (Chubut Province). Yet , different

varieties of Bougainvillea are found in the

Philippines. They are really thorny,

woody vines developing anywhere from 1-12

meters taller, scrambling above other vegetation with

all their spiky thorns.

Cassava also belongs to the empire of

Plantae. It's a hard woody shrub with the

Euphorbiaceae (spurge family) local to Southern region

America. With this study, the cassava underlying peelings

to be used. Cassava root is lengthy and pointed,

with a organization; homogenous flesh encased in a

detachable rind, about one particular mm thick, rough and

brown on the exterior.

Nowadays, chalks were very much expensive and

some of it causes cosmetic fungal infections. This

research is to be conducted to produce chalks

which are cheap and lessens or

prevents the facial fungal attacks.

We, the researchers created this thought

because Bougainvillea petals have different

colors according to its kind and Cassava

peeling has the power to make a starch.

Affirmation of the Difficulty

This study was done to produce shaded

chalk using a starch from Cassava damaged and

Bougainvillea petals. That sought to answer the


1 . Can Cassava peeling starch and

Bougainvillea petal decoction make a

colored chalk?

2 . Would it be cheaper, better (in terms of the dust), and

environmentally-friendly compared to the commercial


3. Is definitely the cost of the produced shaded chalk

comparable to the commercial ones?

4. Will it stop and/or lessen facial fungal

infection that chalks triggers?

Objectives of the Study

Standard Objective

This kind of study should determine the feasibility of

Cassava old starch and Bougainvillea petal

decoction as being a colored chalk.

Specific Objectives

1 . In order to determine if Cassava peeling

starch and different Bougainvillea

petal decoction can produce a colored


2 . To make a cheaper, better (in terms of its

dust), and environmentally-friendly colored


3. To compare the price tag on the made colored

chalk to the business ones.

some. To produce a shaded chalk that may

prevent/lessen the facial infection.

Significance with the Study

The beneficiaries in the study would be the

teachers, college students, and designers who use colored

chalk. This examine will add a lot to the

community. It's rather a substitute to commercial


For the entrepreneurs, this sort of product

will be cost-effective because the materials

employed are commonly seen in our backyard and

only the peelings were to be used up inside the


Pertaining to the customers, this product can be

cheaper due to the materials are recycled and located

in our backyards yet is good quality and


Scope and Delimitation

Variable Delimitation

The centered variable from the study may be the

colored chalk. The independent variables of the

study would be the Cassava Old Starch and the

different petals of Bougainvillea. And the

moderating variables will be collecting, washing,...


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