You will find 12 types of Ielts Reading Check question.

True/ False/ Not Provided

Multiple Choices

Yes/ Not any / Not Given

Overview Completion

Paragraph planning matching

Matching features

Phrase completion

Short response

Labelling a plan

Table/ Flow Chart/ note conclusion

Paragraph information coordinating

Corresponding sentence stopping


Leaning Outcome

Can acknowledge particular points of information communicated in the text Task Type

True/False/Not Presented

Text Type

Used with even more factual text messaging


you have to discover the information inside the question inside the text after which If the details matches. The solution is true

If the information is different, the answer then is false

If you cannot locate the information inside the text, the answer then is not directed at successfully response true, phony, not presented, you need to follow these steps 1 ) Read the instructions: To know the type of the question you have to answer installment payments on your Read the question carefully and first

a. Highlight the keywords

Remember that words you start with a Capital letter, and numbers will be easiest to look for in the text. Always scan for these initial. Scan for phrases beginning with a capital notification b. Features words that really must be careful.

Types of words:

Words giving extra which means to the key phrases in the assertion. They could be being qualified words, negative or reviews

Be careful of comparisons

First check the text intended for the two items in the assertion and then find out if they are staying compared. If they happen to be being compared – examine how they happen to be being compared and does this match the statement several. Scan the text for the keywords.

Remember to check first for words you start with a capital letter, amounts, long words or keyword phrases as they are often easiest to look for. 4. Identify the answer

By studying around the keywords in the text – the full sentence or if required the phrase before and after – and decide if the information matches the statement. Make an effort to remember the words that you need to be careful of if you are reading around the key words.


The question are in the same order because the information in the text Showcasing or underneath lighting the data in the textual content for each question will help you to can locate the information pertaining to the text query. Look for words or key phrases in the textual content that have a similar meaning for the key words in the statements. Be careful of problems, comparisons or perhaps words that qualify or limit the statement.


Leaning Outcome

In depth understanding of certain points and understanding of main points Task Type

Multiple Choice Questions

Text message Type

Used with any type of textual content


You have elizabeth to choose the accurate answer A, B, C or G that best answers the question or wraps up the word according to information in the text. To successfully answer multiple choice questions, it is advisable to follow these steps 1 . See the instructions

There are distinct multiple decision question, you might hae to select one solution, two or three answers. 2 . Look at the questions thoroughly

a. Verify what you need to carry out for each of which

Must you complete a phrase or response a question?

m. Look at the dialect used in the question – it will help you to find the sort of information you are looking for in the verse Mainly, the main…, generally, the majority, the most – are used to identify the main or main one. Bring about, ensures that, ensures that, causes – are used to pick the correct result, outcome or consequence. The writer identifies, to show/ illustrate, is an example of – are used to clarify what basic point a specific example pertains to In order to attain / take action – prefer identify the very best action or tool for particular goal. Is used pertaining to, the main use/ purpose of…is to… -- are used to discover the purpose of a meeting or item Because, as a result of, is caused by – are accustomed to choose the trigger or reason for something....


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