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The online marketing strategy comparison between

H& M (in UK )and Metersbonwe company


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Clothing company chain is a huge trend around the world, which has attained much profit for the product retailers, including H& M, ZARA, C& A and so on. They are very good at employing their special sales strategies to manage their very own brands. While in China, there are many brands try to use this manage model, whereas, they can be still inexperienced, whose sales strategies should be increased. So it is deserving to study. This kind of paper presents what marketing strategy is, and exactly how important it is. It uses an international brand-H& M in UK and a Chines neighborhood brand Metersbonwe for example , simply by comparing their particular marketing strategies to obtain the differences between their charges, placing, production and promo strategies and the strengths and weaknesses. From then on, the paper will give a few appropriate recommendations to Metersbonwe that may help them expand all their business on-board in UK.

Keyword: clothing brand string, marketing strategy, H& M (UK) Company, Metersbonwe Company




Definition of advertising strategy5

Company Introduction5

H& M Company5

Metersbonwe Company6

Purpose and Scope6

Evaluation between H& M and Metersbonwe8

Product Strategy8

H& M business (in UK)8

Metersbonwe Company9

Strengths and weaknesses in product9

Cost Strategy11

H& M company (in UK)11

Metersbonwe Company11

Strengths and weakness in price12

Place Strategy13

H& M company (in UK)13

Metersbonwe Company14

Strengths and weaknesses in place15

Promo Strategy16

H& M Business (in UK)16

Metersbonwe Company16

Strengths and weaknesses in promotion17

Suggestion for Metersbonwe19

Classify the Target Market19

Expand the Production Line20

Borden the way of promotion20



Restriction and Ideas for Further Research22



Reference List24



Definition of marketing strategy. In respect to Michael jordan (2008), in " The Strategic Promoting Plan Audit”, marketing strategy is actually a process in which for increasing competitive advantages, a company combines its solutions and biggest opportunities while using goals this planned. In the mean time it is a strategy in which marketing themes will be included, like the development of item, the way of promo, pricing and delivering items. Finds out what your company's marketing strategy is; and gives the plan how you will achieve these goals.

A good marketplace strategy will get its main points from market research and pay focus on the correct structure of item, so that even more profit can be gained. The article " Promoting basics online marketing strategy based on market needs, targets and goals” (n. d. ) recommends that online marketing strategy is the first step toward marketing programs. It demonstrates the way how to satisfy the demands of industry and complete the objectives.

Brand Introduction

H& Meters Company. Your ex clothes store Hennes was established in 1947, which landed in Vasteras of Sweden. After Persson purchased a men's company named Maruitz Widforss, Erling Persson altered the term of shop to Hennes & Mauritz, and close it because H& M. Nowadays, H& M Firm has become probably the most successful apparel brand organizations in The european union. It expanded substantially lately. Until now, practically 2800 shops are distributed across 48markets. In 2012, you will discover 226 and 134 retail stores in UK and China separately. The expansion goal is to increase the number of stores by 10-15 percent each year with substantial profit, concurrently, the sales increase regularly in identical units.

Metersbonwe Company. Metersbonwe is a informal clothing brand in Chinese suppliers, whose 1st retail store...


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