An Launch to the Film the Previous Wave

The Last Wave

SOC 118 "The Previous Wave"-Peter Weir dir.(1977)

edu reviews In the film, The Previous Wave, the director is wanting to communicate the

idea of a culture within a traditions or sub tradition. The dominant tradition in the

film may be the white members of society moving into Australia. The subculture in the

film is the Aborigines who had been natives to the property prior to the white people

settled in Australia. The natives sustained their cultural beliefs and

ideologies while surviving in largely populated locations. The dominant white culture

imposes their laws , ideas of societal ideals and moral beliefs on the native

Aborigines. Forcing them to follow a different law program and method of life

than what their peoples include practiced for more than 100 years. In the movie the

lawyer, David, represents the dominant lifestyle to the Aborigines because he

represents the law that is managing their fate in the bright white culture.

The director is

also giving us various symbols or visual conversation such

as the consistency of normal water in the film along with, the overbearing