An Evaluation of the Constitution of 1787 of america and Its Advantages to the Upper Class Citizens


"The Constitution of 1787 was written exclusively to advance the economic interests of the top classes of america."

edu reviewsAt enough time the Constitution of 1787 was written, America had just simply won its independence from the monarchy of England. In England, the king and the aristocracy handled the land and the amount of money at the trouble of the persons. This limited the people's chances for economic progression. When these oppressed persons broke from English rule, the recently founded country was predicated on the principle "that all men are manufactured equal, they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Privileges, that among they are Life, Liberty and the quest for Enjoyment." (Declaration of Independence, Page 100 in Paperwork of American Background). With freedom from England, Americans nowadays had the opportunity for monetary equality. However, the extra educated and prosperous People in america now handled an unequal amount of area and money. Due to this fact, they wished to keep their wealth rather than be overly taxed with regard to democracy. This circumstances posed a dramatic contradiction for the reason that these rich Americans were acting in an exceedingly similar fashion to the English aristocracy which they had struggled to ultimately gain their independence. These People in america were the same persons who wrote the Constitution of 1787 of the United States. On the other hand, they wrote the Constitution so that they might confuse the common persons and invite the wealthy to constitutionally maintain their riches.

Among these wealthy Americans were guys such as for example James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. To guard their economic