An Examination of a Deep Rift Presence Between Science and Religion


Since the beginning of background , a deep rift possesses existed between technology and religion. Outspoken researchers like Copernicus had been murdered by the Church for revealing scientific truths. Technology is definitely persecuted by science.

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But in the 1500's, a group of males in Rome fought again against the Church. A few of Italy's most enlightened males- physicists , mathematicians, astronomers- began meeting secretly to talk about their concern about the Church's inaccurate teachings. They feared that the Church's monopoly on truth threatened academic enlightenment around the globe .They founded the world's primary scientific think tank , contacting themselves the enlightened kinds or the "illuminati".

Of course the illuminati had been hunted ruthlessly by the Catholic Church. Only through rites of excessive secrecy did the researchers remain safe .Word spread through the educational underground, and the illuminati brotherhood grew to add academics from around Europe .The scientists met frequently in Rome at an ultra-top secret lair they called "The church of illumination".

Many of the Illuminati wanted to fight the Church's tyranny with functions of violence, but their virtually all revered member persuaded them against it .He was a pacifist together with history's most well-known scientist .The ill-fated astronomer who was simply arrested and nearly executed by the Church for proclaiming that sunlight and not the planet earth was the center of the Universe. Although his info was incontrovertible, the astronomer was severely punished for implying that God possessed placed mankind somewhere apart from at the guts of His Universe .His name was Galileo Galilei.