An Analysis of the problem of having less Diversity in Management

Diversity in management, or absence thereof, is getting the same combination of women, blacks, and different minorities in general management positions as there is definitely in that local populace. What this paper will speak about is a number of the facts that business will need to face when it comes to diversifying there workforce and generally there management. Also, it'll discuss that while our workforce is now more diverse, the higher and middle management of several companies are not. We must remember that having diversified workforce isn't something a company must have, actually it is one thing which has happened or is shortly going to happen because of the fact that we have a far more diversified population. (Sutherland, 1996) For this reason it is important that people train our management to handle this inevitability.

To the degree of the lack of diversity in general management, it is relatively alarming to see that while we have an instant upsurge in the diversity of our people on Long Island, and a fairly diversified workforce, we donРІР‚в„ўt have well-diversified management generally in most businesses on the island.

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On Long Island, two-thirds of the firms surveyed together with a recent Newsday article haven't any blacks, Hispanics, or Asians at anything above the vice president level. Also, of all companies surveyed only 13 percent of these said that that they had several minority in their executive suite. Likewise while women have observed an increase that has truly out numbered the quantity of guys in professional ranks, women only account