An Analysis of an integral Passage in the Novel Brave New World

An Analysis of a Key element Passage in Brave " NEW WORLD "

The key passing of Aldous Huxleys Brace " NEW WORLD " occurs after John has been arrested and can be a discussion with Mond. When John and Mond talk about ideal societies, a significant part of Brave " NEW WORLD ", the facet of human nature making us search consistently for our personal Utopia, becomes obvious. In Monds research, the sacrifices each identity makes in order to discover a Utopia happen to be interconnected. The visit a personal Utopia reveals Huxleys take on human nature of sacrificing everything to live with self-fulfillment.

The connection of the sacrifices each personality makes is proven in the analysis, helping the reader recognize that it is human characteristics to sacrifice something to live a far more fulfilling lifestyle. One sees that, except Helmholtz and John, are prepared to give up a significant part of these so they can think fulfilled. Mond is ready to sacrifice the thing dearest to him science. He says he offered it up in anticipation of Controllership. He received what he payed for by continuing his curiosity in science, By picking to serve happiness.

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Other peoplesnot mine. [235], or by serving stability rather than collapsing the fragile social structure. In the beginning, Bernard was ready to quit his position in the brand new community so he could further more his studies to find a society more suitable for his needs; but, ultimately, he did not want to stop his rank and failed to find an ideal society.